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Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell is an American actress. She is best known for her roles as Dr. Juliet Burke on ABC’s TV series Lost and as FBI agent Erica Evans on V. She has starred in such films as The Santa Clause 2, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, and Gia. Mitchell currently co-stars in Eric Kripke’s television series Revolution, airing on NBC. See more »

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais is a Canadian glamour and cosplay model. See more »

Katherine Webb

Sooo super-hot Miss Alabama in the Miss USA pageant Katherine Webb is dating University of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron. ESPN’s Brent Musburger comments on-air about how hot Katherine is. Brent gets in trouble with the politically correct crowd. ESPN issues an unneeded apology. Katherine remains super-hot. End of story. See more »

Paula Garces

Paula Garces is a Columbian born actress best known a Maria in the Harold and Kumar series of movies. I saw her years ago in Clockstoppers and thought she was a hottie then (age 18). And wow! Has she grown-up. Perfect smile sitting atop a great set of boobs. See more »

Kate Middleton

I think the recent photographs of Kate Middleton topless in France were an invasion of privacy. I mean, even with a $10,000 ultra-zoom lens the tabloid photographer got nothing more than grainy photos. Come on, man! Why bother? Kate Middleton – Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge – has a smashing smile and fabulous legs. She’s the epitomy of class – therefore, I have posted some regal photos of her along with the topless and in a bikini. See more »

Carly Foulkes

Best known as the T-Mobile girl, Carly Foulkes has been cute. But in this last round of advertisements with the black outfit, Carly’s sex appeal greatly improved. I don’t think her boobs have gotten bigger, but wrapped in black leather sure makes them very appealing. See more »

Julia Anderson

Julia Benson (aka Julia Anderson) played Lt. Vanessa James in SyFy Channel’s Stargate Universe (aka SGU). In 2007 she stared as Abbey Addison in “Right to Die” – a collection of one-hour movies under the Masters of Horror series. If you thought Julia was hot in her Stargate uniform, check her out wearing nothing but a smile! I don’t know what Julia Anderson’s bra size or measurements are exactly, but whatever they are, she sure does look great with them. I’ve seen some blogs calling Julia “McBoobs” and SGU “BoobGate”. Despite some negative comments on sexualizing the show and character, EVERYBODY agrees that Julia has perfect nipples attached to some amazing-hot natural breasts. See more »

Julia Benson

Julia Benson (aka Julia Anderson) played Lt. Vanessa James in SyFy Channel’s Stargate Universe (aka SGU). In 2007 she stared as Abbey Addison in “Right to Die” – a collection of one-hour movies under the Masters of Horror series. If you thought Julia was hot in her Stargate uniform, check her out wearing nothing but a smile! I don’t know what Julia Anderson’s bra size or measurements are exactly, but whatever they are, she sure does look great with them. I’ve seen some blogs calling Julia “McBoobs” and SGU “BoobGate”. Despite some negative comments on sexualizing the show and character, EVERYBODY agrees that Julia has perfect nipples attached to some amazing-hot natural breasts. See more »

Kaitlyn Leeb

Kaitlyn Leeb will probably forever be known as the Three-Breasted Woman prostitute in the 2012 remake of Total Recall with Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale. On the one hand, that’s too Kaitlyn is type-cast. On the other hand, three boobs! Holy crap! That’s amazing. See more »

Kate Beckinsale

What makes Kate Beckinsale so incredibly sexy? Perfect ass. Amazing legs. Bright smile. Smooth brown eyes. Sultry British accent. Sucks blood. Knows her way around automatic weapons. Sheer perfection. I love the Underworld series. Now she’s with Colin Farrell in the remake of Total Recall – go see it! See more »

Danielle Riley

With 34DDD natural boobs, Danielle Riley is an imposing figure. But luckily for us, those massive boobs are not attached to a massive frame. She’s slender, sexy, sings, is from England, lives in LA. And LOVES to pose topless. Hurrah for topless! See more »

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie. Nothing more to say. More photos coming soon. See more »

Sofia Vergara

I apologize for not posting Sofia Vergara earlier. This Columbian actress, currently staring in ABC’s modern family, has had me wide-eyed for years. I guess I was being selfish and wanted to keep her all for myself. Sofia exudes sexiness. Oh, and she’s funny, too. See more »

April Scott

Beauty queen, actress, and model April Scott. She’s a Deal or No Deal chick. That puts her in the top 10% of hotties right there. Freakin’ Howie Mandel – lucky bastard. See more »

Amber Heard

Amber Heard. Actress. Model. Great boobs. Zombieland. Need we say more? See more »

Christy Carlson Romano

Christy Carlson Romano

Christy Carlson Romano came to light in Disney’s Even Stevens. After disappearing from my sight for a while, she re-appeared in Mirrors 2 topless. And OMG! See more »

Cinthia Moura

Cinthia Moura is an Brazilian actress, I think. She was in Masters of Horror “Deer Woman” in 2005. Her acting might not be memorable, but everything else is! See more »

Courtney Stodden

Creepy actor Doug Hutchison hooked-up with Courtney Stodden when she was only 16 years old. She’s had lots of work done, but the end results are amazing. But he’s still creepy. See more »

Danielle Lloyd

English glamour model, Danielle Lloyd, was stripped of her Miss Great Britain title after posing nude in Playboy. But her title was later reinstated. Who cares! She’s gorgeous. See more »

Elisabetta Canalis

Elisabetta Canalis was arm candy for George Clooney for a while. But that ended in June 2011, so there’s still hope for us mere mortals! She’s an Italian actress. Nothing more to say except – hot! See more »

Katie Price

Katie Price is another English model. She goes by the name Jordan. Maybe she thought the name “Katie” conjured-up visions of flat-chested Katie Holmes. So when this bodacious Brit got a boob job, taking her B-cups to a ‘effin F-cup, she must of thought “Jordan” was a chestier name! See more »

Gemma Atkinson

Gemma Atkinson is an English actress, television personality, and glamour and lingerie model. I think I found her while watching an episode of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! I don’t remember anything about the show except “booobies”. See more »

Christina Hendricks

The thumbnail looks like Dolly Parton, but this is Christina Hendricks, best known as playing Joan Holloway in the AMC’s Mad Men. No, I don’t watch it – but if my wife is watching it, then I’m watching Christina’s boobs stretch her sweaters! See more »

Voula Papachristou

Voula Papachristou is, or was, a triple jumper for the Greek Olympic team. Triple Jumper? Is that the long-jump in the U.S.? I’m not going to delve into her supposedly racist Tweets, there’s enough coverage of that. What I will say is, “What a freakin’ cutie!” Perfect legs that go all the way up to her perfect ass. A smile that melts chocolate. I’m just glad she did “something” to bring her to the forefront of attention; otherwise, I may not have found her! See more »

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence plays Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. She also played Raven / Mystique in X-Men First Class. I saw The Hunger Games opening weekend, thinking it was an action flick, not a Twilight meets The Most Dangerous Game. I really enjoyed it. Jennifer Lawrence reminds me of Renée Zellweger in Jerry Maguire – but Jennifer can shoot a squirrel through the eye. Oh, and Team Jacob v. Team Edward has been replaced with Team Gale v. Team Peeta. See more »

Gina Carano

Gina Carano is a mixed martial artist who played Crush on American Galdiators. More recently she played Mallory Kane in Haywire. Some people are guessing that Gina Carano wears a 35C or a 34D bra. Honestley, I don’t care what the freakin number is – she looks great! See more »

Amanda Righetti

I didn’t know Amanda Righetti until she appeared as Grace Van Pelt in The Mentalist with Simon Baker. She’s got a superb body, and if you watch the show you’ll fall in love with both her character and those sleek abs in her tight shirts. See more »

Keeley Hazell

I’m speechless… again. For some reason British women have got it going on! Keeley Hazell and her 32F boobs just kill it! I’ve got more photos of Keeley posted than I do of Lucy Pinder or Katie Price, my previous favorites. (Sorry, ladies – I’ll do some more digging.) See more »

Rosario Dawson

Is it just me, or does Rosario Dawson always play super-hot tough chicks in her movie roles? Whatever – it totally works! See more »

Salma Hayek

Mexican-born actress Salma Hayek is a all-around beauty. Her vampire queen role was super-hot in From Dusk Til Dawn. I love that she knows she has great boobs and likes to show them off. See more »

Natasha Henstridge

Natasha Henstridge hit me over the head in Species. She was originally a Canadian model. Although not very active on the screen, she is very noticeable when she does show up. See more »

Invisible Friends 1

If you want to make your friend disappear in a photo, just stand them next to one of these hotties! The next thing you know, they will become invisible. Some of the beauties have even made boats and cars disappear. See more »

Padma Lakshmi

According to Wikipedia, Padma Lakshmi is “an Indian American cookbook author, actress, model, and television host.” Most prominent on her resume is as the host of Top Chef. I say she’s olive-skinned with a slender body, perfectly-sized breasts, and an alluring smile. See more »

Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly starred in that football-centric series titled Friday Night Lights. I got to see her in person once – I was an extra. Minka’s face was almost so attractive that I didn’t drop my eyes to look at her boobs – almost. But I just had to look. A total cutie! See more »

Megan Fox

Megan Fox really needs no introduction. And I don’t say that often. Put those steely eyes into that rockin body; then throw her into the middle of some fighting giant robots, and you’ve got a formula to turn-on any male who has at least reached puberty. See more »

Emmanuelle Vaugier

Emmanuelle Vaugier is a Canadian actress that we’ve seen in Lost Girl, Two and a Half Men, Covert Affairs, and CSI New York. Wherever you’ve seen Emmanuelle, you’ll remember her sexiness. See more »

Michelle Viscusi

Michelle Viscusi came to my attention on History Channel’s Top Shot. She’s a model for a firearms accessory company and is an MP in the National Guard. A hot chick with great boobs – and she can shoot guns. I am totally in love! See more »

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried is an American born actress who has done several movies. Her big eyes are actually her first allure. No, “eyes” are not a euphemism for “boobs” – she really has nice eyes… and a perfect ass… Oh, and her boobs are perfect for her frame and shape. See more »

Brooklyn Decker

Maybe it’s cheating to put a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model in these galleries because you KNOW they’ll be super-hot. But then, they should ALL be in these galleries because they are super-hot! Brooklyn Decker steals the show in her yellow bikini in Just Go With It staring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. See more »

Sabrina Ferilli

I’ve never seen a movie from this Italian actress, Sabrina Ferilli, but I don’t have to. I’m happy to see her in these photos. See more »

Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus brings some golden globes down from Canada as a fitness model and then to the WWE and WWF rings. One tough babe that is gentle on the eyes. See more »

Tila Tequila

Call her a media-whore or a reality-skank – whatever – but Tila Tequila grabs your attention. In the celebrity business there is only one thing worse than being talked about – and that’s NOT being talked about. See more »

Casey Batchelor

Casey Batchelor. I think she’s British. You might think that iLoveBoobies.com is only about BIG boobs. But despite Casey’s massive tits (is that a contradiction?) I like ALL sizes of breasts. See more »

Candice Michelle

We have all seen this gorgeous rack before. It’s the Original GoDaddy girl – Candice Michelle. That Super Bowl commercial that took place in the courtroom… take me to jail for the thoughts I had! See more »

Angelica Bridges

All I know about Angelica Bridges is that she posed for Playboy some years ago and she did a little acting. Maybe that’s enough information! See more »

Amber Elizabeth

Normally female fitness models are too manly for my tastes. When their biceps are bigger than mine, that’s just too much. Amber Elizabeth, however, it totally the right proportions and just enough lean. See more »

Amber Elise

Amber Elise – I don’t know much about her, other than she posed for Playboy. I really like her, no matter where she’s from or what’s she done. See more »

Denise Milani

Denise Milani is a European model. Can’t say much else about her other than her smile is almost pretty enough to distract my eyes away from her fabulous rack! See more »

Camille Grammer

Camille Donatacci Grammer is the former Mrs. Kelsey Grammer. If you put aside the thought of her having sex with that balding goof-ball Kelsey, she gets hotter and hotter. See more »

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